Taiwan and More

September 2, 2020

September 2, 2020

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And now for today’s commentary –

Taiwan – Let us keep in mind that China claims the island of Taiwan as part of China.
But the citizens of Taiwan do not see it that way. Eleven men and women between the ages of
16 and 33 bought a speed boat and departed Hong Kong headed toward Taiwan. They were
risking their lives to escape the Chinese dominance of citizens of Hong Kong. Well, they did not
make it to Taiwan. The Chinese Coast Guard intercepted them and now they face charges of
illegally entering Chinese waters. I am afraid that China’s strangle hold on Hong Kong will only
get worse.

With all of this in mind, U.S. relations with Taiwan will only get stronger. We can expect more trade talks with Taiwan. They just agreed to buy more pork and beef from the U.S. With all the disputes that we have with China “Senior U.S. and Chinese officials just announced that they are committed to carry out phase-one trade accord between the two nations.” Keep your fingers crossed.

Turn to food – It was just announced that 75 million family food boxes have been
delivered to needy families. In addition, President Trump announced an additional $1billion to
provide more food boxes through September and October. Food to needy families is so
important. Biofuels – corn farmers and the ag industry cannot get EPA to stop giving small
refineries an exemption so they can avoid blending biofuels. That cuts demand for ethanol and
weighs on corn prices. President Trump has promised to review this problem. I do not expect
any decision until after the election. A new study led by a team of plant scientists and engineers
“predicts significant climate benefits stemming from the use of advanced biofuel technology.”
The National Academy of Science tells us “we can expect net greenhouse gas irrigation
and negative emissions.” That is encouraging.

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