June 27 2000

Many of the pundits have been saying that this would be a "do nothing Congress". That political gridlock would close the door on any meaningful legislation. So far that has not been the case at all. Let" just take inventory ofwhere we are with a list of bills that might have been little more than a dream a few months ago. For years the Congress went through the annual charade of voting normal trade relations for China.

The energy expanded every year was enormous. This year we passed…

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The Death Tax

June 7 2000

I picked up the Washington Post yesterday and there I saw this article discussing the Death Tax issue in great detail. The gist of the message was: Yes, there is growing pressure for the federal government to do something to reduce the tax burden forced upon a family at the death of the principal. Somehow, the writer of the Post article couldn't seem to understand why relief was supported by so many people. After all, only 2% of family estates are faced with the tax. It's really no big deal.…

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