Trade Promotion Authority

June 24 2001

President Bush is asking Congress for trade promotion authority -- fast tract. It will not be an easy sell. The last time President Clinton asked for it, it was denied. Labor unions are worried about competition from cheap labor and environmentalists want to impose strict environmental obligations on other countries. If we think these kind of internal conflicts are unique, guess agam.

Turn back the clock to 1990. At that time, European union members pledged to grant full membership to the Union…

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A Meeting with President Bush!

June 17 2001

I was at the White House this week as a small group of industry leaders -- 24 to be exact -- met with President Bush, Dr. Larry Lindsey, the President's Chief Economic Advisor, and Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill. We were in the Roosevelt Room across the hall from the Oval Office.

President Bush thanked us for our support in helping to pass his tax cut. This was also an occasion to get a first hand understanding of the President's agenda and priorities. Larry Lindsey called the recently…

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Where We Stand Today

June 5 2001

180 days can make a big difference!! A lot has happened injust a few months. It was a marathon but George W. Bush was sworn in as President ofthe United States. Republicans by the slimmest of margins led the House and Senate only to see the Senate majority flip back to the Democrats. In the meantime, the biggest tax cut in 20 years passed the Congress and was signed by the President.

What does all of this mean to us?

  1. The tax cut package with rate cuts and an end to the death tax, we…

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