Rural America

August 28 2001

This program is by telephone today. I am on a ranch in Teton County, Wyoming. Been on a horse every day for the past week. And the sun has shone everyday also, illuminating the beautiful Teton mountain range, backgrounded by a deep blue western sky.

Makes me think ofthe multitudes of people that are congested in the big smog filled cities. They find it difficult to relate to their neighbors of rural and small town America. Out here in the country, as is the case in Missisippi, Kentucky,…

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The Farm Program 2001

August 21 2001

Don't you just love it? The President enjoying his ranch. Never mind that it is 98 degrees in the shade. Listen to the national press corps whining about the heat, longing for the good old days on the ocean beach at Martha's Vineyard. Get used to it. It's your punishment.

The President signed the 5.5 billion dollar supplemental farm legislation on his Texas ranch last week. A fitting place. The Senate bill was bigger... 7.5 billion dollars. Let's be honest. The 5.5 billion is generous. The…

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Down on the Farm in 2001

August 14 2001

Down on the farm! That's where I was last week. We could sure use some rain. But so far, so good. The corn seems to be in good shape. And in walking in the fields, I was happy to find very good pollination. There is nothing that will cut yield like stalks without ears.

It has been hot. When it is hot, the pigs don't eat or gain weight like they should. Besides, it is a challenge just to keep the sows cool. As my son cranked up the auger wagon to haul feed to the finishing barns, I couldn't…

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August 7 2001

Salinization. Salinization is what happens when through irrigation salt deposits are left behind, making cropland increasingly less productive. If you are from the Midwest, you may ask, "Is that a real problem?" The answer is, "It is huge in many dry countries and regions where heavy irrigation is needed to grow crops."

It is a serious drag on crop production in California but also in India, China, Mexico and Pakistan and many other countries. Researchers estimate that 25% of irrigated land…

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