Out of Trials and Troubles, America’s Unity

September 25 2001

This is just not the time to debate farm programs. This is a time to mourn, a time for anger, a time to unite, a time for each of us to put our priorities into perspective.

It is hard to understand how anyone, no mater how unhappy, how fanatical, how bitter at the U.S. could cut the throat of an innocent woman on an airplane, as President Bush pointed out, or could murder so many women and children. What kind of evil force do we face?

But fact it we must. U.S. flags are flying everywhere. You…

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September 18 2001

The Council of Biotechnology brings today's commentary to you. Biotechnology Information. Right now -as I prepare these remarks I am in a hotel in Toronto, Canada. The news on TV is about a genetically modified rice just developed in Canada. It protects the rice plant against an insect that does serious damage to rice through out Asia where rice is far and away

their staple of life. Biotechnology may look risky to some, but to the hungry of Asia, they can't wait. For more information visit the…

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The Farm Bill 2001, Farming Future?

September 11 2001

Livestock prices have been good. But grain and oilseed prices just can't seem to get up off the mat.

This week I had a chance to talk with the House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest, Congressman Charlie Stenholm. Cal Dooley, Senator Conrad Bums and others. I just don't see through the clouds that silver lining that we are looking for. Yes, anything can happen. A drought in South America, Europe or a new surprise surge in demand.

A lot of people are pinning their hopes on the next farm…

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Property Rights

September 4 2001

Last week I was riding horses on a ranch in Wyoming. This week I'm back in Washington, but I'm still hung up on family farms and a way of life that is part of our heritage. My family farm in Illinois has been in the family for more than 100 years, and I must admit that we are lucky to live here in the U. S.

I'm afraid we take for granted property rights and the rule of law that protect the individual citizen.

Imagine yourself -- a farmer in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. Black landless squatters…

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