The Farm Bill Debate

October 30 2001

Hello everybody out there in farm country. The John Block Radio

Commentary is brought to you by the Council for BioTech Information.

Public opinion in Europe needs to take a new look. The European

Union's office evaluating genetically modified foods is now saying that

genetically modified foods may even be safer than regular food.

For more information, visit the Council's web site at www.whybiotech.com. And now for today's commentary ....

The Farm Bill debate becomes more interesting and confusing…

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October 23 2001

Down on the farm. That's where I am. We're getting close to wrapping up this harvest. I was drafted into trucking corn to our grain storage facility, rode the combine with my son, checked the new litters of baby pigs, and ate more than my share of pork at our annual pig roast. All the neighbors, friends and business associates with their families bring their side dish specialties. The band plays as the children dance. We sit on straw bales around the big bonfires with flames leaping toward the…

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Government Bailouts

October 16 2001

It's hard to recall but two months ago the President was talking tough about holding next year's government spending increase to 4%. The Congress was promising to protect the Social Security surplus -- a silly fictitious statement about putting the money in a lock box. That was all talk. There never has been a lock box. The surplus has been used to pay down the government debt.

All of that is behind us. With the terrorist attack, the floodgates have opened. The industries, the employee groups,…

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Passing the Farm Bill

October 9 2001

After weeks of focusing on terrorism, a war effort and a warm and fuzzy

bipartisan legislative process, we just might see something happen on the

farm front.

Chairman of the House Ag Committee Larry Combest is making a big push to pass a farm bill through the House. But that's only half of the process. The Senate hasn't even written a bill. But you can bet that if we get a House bill, the heat will be on the Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee, Senator Harkin, to pass a Senate bill. Failure on his…

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We Need Spies

October 2 2001

Just under the surface of prayer, determination and unity following the recent shocking terrorist attack, we see emerging a round of finger pointing. The blame game is beginning. I think there is plenty of blame to spread around, but I don't think you can heap it all on one agency, one department, and one person.

For more than a quarter century, the U. S. has been backing away from the dirty work of old fashioned spying. I recall clearly when I was Secretary of Agriculture and our Marine…

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