January 29 2002

This week's program is about trade but, before I get into that, I can't help myself. I have a message for our loyal European allies that are crying crocodile tears over the alleged inhumane treatment of al-Qaeda and Taliban prisoners. One month ago those guys were freezing, starving, dodging bullets and bombs. Now they get three squares, a warm dry bed in the Caribbean. Should they complain? Is it really inhumane that they are now clean, beardless and their fleas are gone?

Anyhow, the subject…

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Interview with Linda Thrane

January 16 2002

Hello everybody out there in Farm Country. The John Block commentary is brought to you by the Council for Biotechnology Information. Normally right here I give my sales pitch for biotech. Not today. I have with me the #1 spokesperson for biotech -the Executive Director of the Council for Biotechnology, Linda Thrane.

Linda, we can get the real scoop from you.


Predictions 2002

January 1 2002

It's prediction time! First let's look back at 2001. It's time to be judged. I predicted that President Bush would push Fast Track (later named Trade Promotion Authority) through the Congress. The House passed it with one vote to spare. That was the tough part. The Senate will be easier. Should happen soon.

I said I didn't expect to see a new Farm Bill in 2001. No, we don't have one yet, but I was surprised to watch the efficient passage of a bipartisan bill in the House. It's the Senate that…

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