Farm Bill

February 27 2002

The Washington Post lead editorial calls it the "Mother of All Pork." I'm talking about the farm bill. The Post draws no distinction between the House Bill or Senate -- it's all pork. The negative publicity that this farm bill has received makes farmers look like a bunch of beggars crying for government handouts. It is publicity like this that can really hurt farmers' image. The public likes us, but the public could change its mind too.'

A quick farm bill -- smooth sailing -- bi-partisan would…

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February 19 2002

My farm in Illinois is a centennial farm. It has been in the family for more than 100 years. There are thousands of family farms in the United Stated and all over the world, in fact, that have been built through blood, sweat and tears over many generations.

What would you think if you got up some morning and down on the south forty, where your grandfather plowed with horses and picked corn by hand, you saw hundreds of squatters talking over your family farm? They have built junk shelters. They…

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February 12 2002

Justice is served. Turn the water on! Throughout last year's crop season, family farmers operating 400,000 acres in Southern Oregon and Northern California saw their crops shrivel and die for lack of water. Farmers, villages and towns fell into depression. Hiding behind the endangered species act the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries shut the irrigation water off to reserve the water for the suckerfish in the Upper Klamath Lake. President Bush in Portland last month…

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State of the Union

February 6 2002

President Bush in his State of the Union address pointed an accusing finger at Iraq, Iran and North Korea saying, " I will not wait on events while dangers gather. The United States will not permit the world's most dangerous regimens to threaten us." Yes, those nations are building weapons of mass destruction. President Bush does not intend to wait until another 9-11 happens. He is talking about a preemptive strategy. I think the American people agree. But what is done and how it is done is…

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