March 26 2002

I didn't think it would ever happen. Red Cavaney, President of the American Petroleum Institute, spoke at the National Ethanol Conference. Here is what he said: "The new commitment we've made to understanding each other will not only benefit both our industries but the American consumer as well. We have embarked on a new era together -- an era of great promise."

It's historic. The petroleum industry and the renewable fuels industry -- shoulder to shoulder. Over the last 20 years, the two have…

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Trade with Cuba

March 19 2002

We have been struggling with low farm prices for several

years now. We simply need more demand. You increase demand

by opening markets.

In spite of the fact that China continues to be criticized for human rights violations, despite the fact that china held our military personnel prisoners last year after our plane went down on their soil, we still trade with China. We worked hard to bring China into the World Trade Organization. Engagement with China is the correct policy. And then, of course, you…

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Corn Sweetener Tax

March 5 2002

We've spent a lot of time and energy on trade disputes with Europe, including hormone beef and biotech crops. But we have a big problem now much closer to home.

On January 1 the Mexican government imposed a 20% tax on corn sweetener used in soft drinks. Mexico is our third largest agricultural export market and expected to surpass Canada in a couple of years. The Mexican action is costing u.S. corn farmers in two ways. Corn that is exported to Mexico to be processed into com sweetener and com…

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