June 18 2002

I have listened to leadership lectures. I have read about the principles of leadership. But last week I had the great privilege of attending a breakfast featuring Mayor Rudy Giuliani as the speaker -- on leadership.

I think the five points that he made are worth thinking about. Who better to talk about leadership than the person who led New York City through the difficult days following the terrorist attack of 9-11.

  1. . Know what you believe. Mayor Giuliani believed in fighting crime and cleaning…

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Giving the Farm Bill a Chance

June 11 2002

I talked last week about the farm bill and the criticism it has received. The Washington Post called it "The Mother of all Pork." Let me lead off by complimenting Secretary Veneman for her strong and effective defense of the bill. I know how hard it is to give birth to a farm bill. I know that with all of the different ag interest fighting for their special provisions that you cannot satisfy everyone. You cannot completely satisfy anyone.

Let me point out the first interest group that we have no…

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