Fires in the West

July 30 2002

Listen to these words of Ken Evans, President ofthe Arizona Farm Bureau Federation: "Here in Arizona, above the searing, bond-dry desert valley floors, in one of the harshest environments, stood the largest stand of majestic Ponderosa Pines to be found anywhere on Earth. These trees survived the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the westward march of Europeans across the continent. Farmers and ranchers came to live and work in their long shadows. Five generations of ranchers learned to balance…

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The European Union

July 16 2002

At first glance it probably sounds like a good idea for the European Union to expand eastward -- adding Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and more countries. And for the most part, especially security, it is a great idea.

However, from the point of view of the American farmer, we have to be careful and cautious. Here's why: There is no trade region where we have more trade disputes than Europe -- ranging from bananas to hormone beef and now biotech foods. There are disputes with Europe today.…

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Politically Correct

July 9 2002

How politically correct do we have to be? Why would USDA take the lead in a truly goofy act?

Walk into the Administration Building at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That's where the Secretary is officed. Read the sign, "Celebrate Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" -- the month of June.

Now what am I missing here? Why should USDA, "The People's Department", be celebrating? I could say promoting pride in a gay and lesbian life style. Is that appropriate activity for our Department of Agriculture?…

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