Committee Musical Chairs!

November 26 2002

We are looking at a lot of change in the chairmanships of some very important committees in Congress. What will this mean for Agriculture is the big question. Next year Republicans will chair all Senate and House committees. Out with Senator Harkin of Iowa, in with Senator Cochran of Mississippi to chair the Senate Ag Committee. Senator Cochran is well liked and is from the same state as the Senate Majority leader Trent Lott which should add to his clout. Senator Cochran is a traditional farm…

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Election 2002

November 11 2002

President Bush has his team on he field. The stunning off year Republican election gain in the House and Senate has everyone out here second-guessing, pointing fingers and contemplating the next two years. If you ever wondered if an election could make a difference, just watch what happens now.

Number 1 The President will now be able to get his Homeland Security bill passed. The bill is sweeping change, bringing together scores of agencies and departments presumably to make it easier to…

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Pigs in Crates

November 11 2002

It's animal cruelty squeels the animal rights 1obby and with a battle cry. Florida voters passed a ballot initiative making it unconstitutional to us gestation crates to confine mother sows. The impact in Florida is minimal since there are only 2 pork producers in Florida using crates. But Florida is an easy place for the animal right crowd to start. Pick off a few states where pork producers don't have much at stake, then move on to other states and expand the initiatives to completely outlaw…

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Veterans Day 2002

November 5 2002

November 11 is Veterans' Day. There is no better time than right now to honor our veterans that have fought. Some have given their lives for their country -- the U.S. We find ourselves at war with terrorists and on the brink of conflict with Iraq.

I walked beside the solemn gray wall of the Vietnam Memorial last week. I want to read a note written by Jennifer Denard, daughter of Captain William A. Branch whose name can be found on Panel 9 West, Line 18. He died June 6, 1970.

Each year I dream of…

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