President Bush’s Stimulus Plan

January 21 2003

Give it to them and they will spend it. Take it away from them and they may exercise a little more spending restraint. At least that's what we could hope. Yes, the President's Economic Stimulus Plan may help to stimulate our economy. I hope it does. Ifit passes. But if you are listening, you can hear the criticism of the plan loud and strong.

Now, why would that be? They say they are afraid the deficit will increase. That it provides too much tax relief to the so-called rich. How about the…

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Environmental Terrorist

January 13 2003

Don't miss it. If you care about the environment, if you want to sustain life on the planet, if you love and respect animals, you must attend. The subject is: "Revolutionary Environmentalism: A Dialogue between Activist and Academics." A star studded cast of speakers -- Gary Yourofsky representing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He has been arrested more than a dozen times for liberating minks. Paul Watson -- used to be with Greenpeace (They were too peacefuL), now with…

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Farming in 2003

January 6 2003

Closing out the books on 2002 and starting to focus on the New Year. What will it bring? Will the Congress cut our farm bill supports? Will the long sough after 2002 disaster relief that wasn't in the Christmas stocking yet appear? Will we suffer draught or floods or another chicken embargo? I guess if we knew all ofthese answers, we wouldn't have to work.

I realize some farming regions struggled with devastating drought last year. Still, I doubt that the congress will find very much…

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