Shaping Up

March 25 2003

We are always looking for an easy way out -- a painless solution. Can I stay in shape by simply avoiding fast foods? By taking some magic herbal dietary supplement? By going to some shrink to curb my appetite? Where is the silver bullet?

I have in front ofme the health section of the Washington Post. The headline reads, "Sweet but Not So Innocent." Not talking about the girl at the truck stop! Talking about sweeteners made from corn -- high …

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March 4 2003

Remember the lawsuit filed against McDonalds because that poor helpless New York City guy got fat eating all those Big Macs? Well, the judge threw it out and the guy altered the suit and filed it again. Trial lawyers save us from ourselves. Obesity, be gone! And that's the subject of my commentary today -- obesity.

You read about it. You see it on television. You see it walking down the street. I'm not here to suggest that we have no problem. I am saying that with the growing hysteria we…

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