Food Fight

May 27 2003

Let the food fight begin! After patiently waiting until the war in Iraq was concluded, the U.S. finally filed suit challenging the legality of the European Unions five year blockade of genetically modified food products. Five years ago Europe closed the door on genetically modified crops arguing that their safety was suspect. The ban was illegal then and it is today.

Hiding behind an unjustified safety claim, Europe spent six years studying the safety of genetically modified crops.…

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Mad Cow Disease

May 26 2003

Mad Cow Disease in Canada. Beef importers around the world, including the U.S., have closed their borders to Canadian beef After Europe went through a devastating costly slaughter of thousands of cattle, and felt their farming economy take a "body blow," costing billions-just hearing the words "Mad Cow" creates hysteria.

Let's take a more rational look at this disease. Mad Cow is more accurately called BSE which stands for three words that I am not even going to try and pronounce. To begin,…

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Heavy Hand of Government

May 20 2003

We just fought a war in Iraq, to among other things, bring freedom to a population that has been oppressed for 30 years. Here on the home front it seems that everyday we find the pressure building for government and the courts to tell us what we can do, can't do, can eat, can't eat. What is happening to our freedom of choice here at home?

More than 125 jurisdictions nationwide have banned smoking in bars and restaurants. I have never smoked in my…

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