Death Taxes

June 27 2003

It's time we made the elimination of the death tax permanent. We shouldn't have to die in year 2010 to avoid the tax. The tax is unfair and, by a nine to one margin, American voters agree. One third of small businesses today will have to sell outright or liquidate a part of their business to pay the tax. Seventy percent of family businesses do not survive to the second generation. Eighty-seven percent do not survive the third generation.

If there…

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Lunch with Chairman Goodlatte

June 10 2003

Sitting beside the Chairman ofthe House Ag Committee is a good

place to get the latest information of what the U.S. Congress may have in

mind for American agriculture. Chairman Bob Goodlatte was very direct in

speaking to our small luncheon group this week. Here is what he said:

(1) Acknowledging that the farm bill is not perfect, he still said a high priority for him and the Ag Committee is to protect the bill from those that…

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