Our Country

July 27 2003

I can look out of my office window here in Washington, DC and see the White House. Looking south and reaching toward the sky is the Washington Monument. Decisions are made here that affect the lives of people all across the country -and even in other countries. Ask Saddam Hussein.

I f you stand and watch the process of democracy in action, you realize how messy it can be. The Congress is in constant conflict. Republicans versus Democrats.…

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The Food Industry Under Assault

July 15 2003

At this time of year, all I can think about is, "Will I get the rain at the right time to make this crop?" Oh, yes, I am also a cheerleader for the hog market. While our focus is on the growing crops and livestock, there are some other very strange and significant things happening a little further down the food chain.

The blame that the food industry is getting for the so called obesity epidemic is deafening. Law suits have been flying all around,…

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