Exporting Jobs

March 30 2004

I don't like hearing that we're exporting our jobs. It is being shouted from the rooftops. We are hearing it so much that people are staring to believe it. The best jobs are going to other countries. China does the manufacturing, India the computer work. We have to do something.

Well, I don't believe it. But I do know that this kind of mind set isdangerous. It is especially threatening to an industry that depends so much on exports agriculture.

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Farming in 2004

March 16 2004

In recent weeks I have been on the road speaking at major Ag events in Illinois and Nebraska. There is no question, the mood in the country is much improved over a year ago. Prices and politics both give us reason for optimism.

Prices almost across the board make me want to listen to the markets these days. Beef has held up in spite of Mad Cow. Hats off to the American consumer smart enough to know he or she has a better change of getting struck…

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