WTO Ruling

April 27 2004

The World Trade Organization dropped a bombshell last week which coincidentally could force dramatic change in farm support programs as we have known them.

Their ruling is only preliminary but it is likely to become permanent. The U.S. has vowed to appeal. The Congress will fight the decision as an infringement on our sovereignty.

Here is what happened. Brazil filed a case against U.S. cotton subsidies in the WTO arguing that our…

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Earth Day

April 13 2004

One more time the calendar rolled around and it is time to celebrate "Earth Day". We do have a lot to celebrate. Of course, there are some people that will whine around about urban spread, and dirty air. Fortunately for us when we examine the facts, they don't really have a case.

The overriding fact is that developed countries such as the U.S. are making steady improvement in the environment. You see, cost is the main reason why the developing world is heavily polluted. When it is a choice…

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April 5 2004

As we prepare to plant com in Illinois, I begin to think about the weather.Will we get enough rain? Will we get it at the right time? Will the river come out and flood the crop? We have about 300 acres of bottom land. I always hope it will flood before the crop is planted and not after. In most of the Midwest we rely on good old Mother Nature to deliver the life giving moisture.

But in many countries they may have as much as 80% of their land …

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