Corn Sweetener

August 31 2004

Alright I know it's true. Too many people are overweight -- and that is a health problem contributing to diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Whenever there is a problem, any problem, people start pointing fingers. They are looking for someone to blame -- someone else of course. Blame fast food restaurants, McDonald and Burger King. Blame Kraft's foods macaroni and cheese. Blame the candy companies advertising that hooks the kids. The blame game goes on. We must fix the blame.

Perhaps the most ludicrous…

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Presidential Campaign

August 18 2004

I keep getting the same question over and over again. "What is your take on the Presidential Election?"

In the first place, most of the poles say we have a dead heat -- Kerry-Bush-Bush-Kerry. I know the Olympics were fun to watch, but so is the Presidential race. We are just on the eve of the Republican Convention. If Bush gets the same bounce that Kerry got they will still be dead even after the convention. I don't expect President Bush to come forward with very much that is new. Perhaps some…

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August 10 2004

What goes around comes around! If you live long enough, you find that all the absolute truths that you are told are not absolute after all.

For years the FDA was telling us not to consume fat, because clearly fat will make you fat. Don't eat that steak, don't eat that cheese. That was what we heard for nearly two decades. It was a steady drum beat criticizing fat and promoting carbs. Eat more bread ... eat more pasta. So we did it.

But look what happened, we got fat. I remember when consumer…

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