September 28 2004

It's such a pleasure harvesting a great corn crop. I love to watch hose golden kernels fill the combine hopper. Before you know it the truck is full and headed for the grain terminal to be processed and exported all over the world. Yet I still have something bothering me.

Ten percent of my corn will be processed into ethanol and that fuel demand is adding 30 to 40 cents on each bushel I sell. That is huge!

What concerns me is this. Cargill, one of the nation's largest ethanol producers in the…

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The Fox Hunt

September 22 2004

"Tally Ho" -- the hounds, the horses, the red coated hunters blowing horns race over the hills and through the valleys in pursuit of the fox.

At least they used to do that in England. Fox hunting in Britain has been a time honored sport for more than 300 years. But just this month, the British Parliament voted to outlaw the hunt after all these years. Hunt enthusiasts were outraged.

My first reaction is -- why did the government get involved in this? Don't they have something important to deal…

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The Energy Bill

September 13 2004

We haven't been able to push the energy bill over the finish line. And, with the few legislative days left before the election, probably nothing will happen before next year.

The bill is important because it provides incentives to increase the use of renewable fuels especially ethanol. If you are from the Midwest, ethanol IS corn.

We will convert more than 1.3 billion bushels into fuel this year. That is double the production 2 years ago. There is reason to bullish on renewable fuels.

We have…

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