Cabinet Change

November 16 2004

A new wave of Cabinet officers is stepping up to the plate.

I compliment President Bush for his evolution courage and decisiveness. Not that the Cabinet officers leaving have not done a good job. They have! Some individuals from the original Cabinet just simply wanted to step aside. The job is all consuming. You effectively give your life over the job.

The President realizes that he has four more years to try to accomplish certain very important objectives. The budget deficit cannot be ignored.…

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Farm Exports

November 14 2004

For years and years we have bragged about the surplus of farm exports over imports. In fact 20 years ago we exported twice as much food as we imported and helped to keep the trade deficit from getting any worse. Would you believe that in June and August of this year our farm trade surplus melted away? We'll have a surplus for the year --- However, it is likely that in 1 or 2 years farm sales will be in deficit.

It's not that our exports have collapsed. In fact, we are exporting 50% more…

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Four More Years

November 9 2004

Now that we know who will be president the next four years and the

U.S. Congress is in place for the next two years, the obvious question must be, what does this mean for us?

I think it is fair to say that we have an administration and congress that is very much aware where their support in the election came from. Look at that red map. It blankets the country except for the large urban counties colored blue. President Bush owns most of the nation's real estate.

With that in mind, I would expect…

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Election 2004

November 3 2004

At long last the election is over. It was a "knock-down-drag out flight", but I was so proud of how involved the American people were in unity and in working for their candidates. It was democracy at its best. I am also proud of rural and small town America, which elected George W. Bush.

John Kerry throughout the campaign struggled to bridge a huge cultural divide; rural America never related to him. Whether it was his windsurfing, his conduct after the Viet Nam War, his phony goose hunting…

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