Mad Cow Disease

June 14 2005

Another Mad Cow! At least it looks like that might be the case. One more test will be made to either confirm or deny the BSE. For the meat industry and especially the beef industry this roller coaster has been a nightmare. Just when it looked like we would finally get our export markets open again --- wham! We are hit with this. It will take as long as two weeks to get a conclusive test result. Fortunately at this point, it looks as if Mexico will not close their border to our beef. We just got…

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June 1 2005

Here I am in Brazil on a farm, not just any old farm. This farm goes on-and-on as far as the eye can see -- 62,000 acres. Thirty thousand acres of soybeans, 22,000 acres of cotton, and 10,000 acres of corn. The farm is all in one rectangular chunk. The cotton is ready to harvest, the soybeans are already in the bin and the corn nearly ready to pick. The farm has 70 employees, 90 combines, 37 cotton pickers, 227 tractors and 133 planters.

Compared to our standards the farm appears to be over…

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