Death Tax

July 19 2005

Congress is gearing up to take another crack at getting rid of the death tax. The House has passed it already. The Senate is working on a compromise.

None of us like taxes, but I can't think of another tax that is as counter productive, unfair, and just plain mean spirited as the death tax.

Family businesses in the country are the engine that drives our success. A tax of more than 50 percent on the assets of a family business can often force the sale of the business. Who wants to borrow all of…

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July 12 2005

I have never seen the US Congress as highly politicized as it is today. The atmosphere of acrimony affects everything. Even trade which should be more bipartisan has been drawn into the battle.

Passage ofthe Central America Free Trade Agreement should be an easy vote for most members of the House, but at this point the chance of passage is less than 50%. The Senate took the lead by passing the trade deal 54-45, but the House is a different story.

Democrat leadership in the House is twisting party…

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Down on the Farm

July 5 2005

Last week I was on the farm in Illinois. I walked in the corn fields, and kicked at the dry soil. We are way short of moisture this year -- some six or eight inches. Surprisingly, the plants still look good, taller than me, a deep green color and ready to pollinate. We know from experience that if there is too much stress at pollination, the yield can be cut dramatically. So -- we're praying for rain.

I remember the first week in May when I was on the farm and I did my radio report from there. I…

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