October 25 2005

For a long time a lot of liberals thought that gun control was a winning political issue. "Take away the guns," they cried.

To their amazement, they found that it wasn't a winner. Just ask AI Gore. That issue alone probably cost him the election. Now that the gun control advocates know that they have a political loser, they have been trying to use the courts to do their dirty work. They want to blame the companies that manufacture guns for gun crimes. We had two shootings here in D.C. last week.…

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Cropping Costs Explode

October 5 2005

If you think your cost in raising the 2005 crop was high, as the saying goes, "You ain't seen nothin yet." Wait for 2006. This year's corn crop cost 20% more to grow than just 2 years ago. The same can be said for most farm crops. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, we have seen farm energy costs skyrocket. The energy bill to the American farmer is up more than 6 billion dollars over the last 2 years. And they have continued to escalate this year with the fuel price index up…

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