Food Safety Scares

January 25 2006

Is there another baseless, politically motivated food scare brewing? A little over a month ago, the Chicago Tribune began writing stories designed to scare the public about the deadly risk of mercury in our seafood -- in swordfish, and salmon, and walleye and orange roughy, and even canned tuna. It reminds me of other scares orchestrated by environmentalists, vegetarians, tree huggers, and Green Peace types. How valid was the Alar apple risk that just about put Washington apple growers out of…

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Cabinet Secretaries Luncheon

January 4 2006

It was Art Linkletter that said, "Kids say the darndest things." Well, they aren't kids, however sometimes they can be a little childish. Forty presidential cabinet members gathered for lunch at the Blair House and made their annual predictions

For 25 years we have had a Holiday Cabinet Secretaries Lunch. The first luncheon, 25 years ago, only had six of us in attendance, all members of the Reagan Cabinet including Vice President George Bush.

After 3 or 4 years, the job of hosting the…