25 by 25

February 8 2006

There seems to be an overload of destabilizing things going on -- the War in Iraq, fighting in Afghanistan, Iran wants nuclear weapons, oil prices threaten to surge to new heights, and on and on.

As unsettling as all of thee developments are, it appears to me that they will finally push us to do something about our (as President Bush said) "addiction to oil."

Even after the gas lines ofthe 70's, President Carter couldn't break our addiction. President Nixon also tried and failed. We almost look…

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Bird Flu

February 1 2006

Today, I want to say a few things about bird flu. In the last 2 or 3 months, the national media has sounded the alarm about a possible bird flu pandemic. O.K. There is some risk. Anything can happen. But, to me, our biggest risk is if the problem becomes even more widespread in Asia, they will destroy their chickens and will no longer find it necessary to buy our corn or soybean meal for feed. That's our greatest risk. The next concern that I have is if the press were able to frighten our own…

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