National Uniformity

May 17 2006

I know there are big things happening that can have huge influence on the Ag industry. All over the news is -- immigration, the DOHA Trade round, and farm bill. But under the radar, the "National Uniformity for Food Act" is moving.

Something that is not broadly understood, but USDA sets standards for food safety and labeling for meat and poultry products. But all the rest of our food is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Meat and poultry has had national standards of safety and…

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Government Spending

May 10 2006

The U.S. Congress is in the process of passing a supplemental spending bill with the primary objective of funding the war in Iraq. Now, I'm sure you aren't surprised to know that the Senate (in particular) has loaded it up with all kinds of goodies for the home town folks. We're never going to get the budget deficit under control unless we insist on some discipline.

Both political parties complain about the deficit, but what do they do about it? Nothing! They spend more money. Any member that…

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Mother’s Day

May 3 2006

Did you ever listen to the country song "No Charge"? The mother carries, feeds, nurtures her child. And yet, he wants to be paid for taking out trash, cleaning his room, watching baby brother. The mother reminds the boy of all the things she does in caring for him and "there is no charge."

On Mother's Day Weekend, I want to recognize all the mothers who have always been there for us at "no charge."

We are grateful to the mothers who have sacrificed to make Christmas special for us. Mothers who…

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