August 30 2006

The Wake-Up Wal-Mart Campaign Bus rolls across the land, screaming out: "Wal-Mart is buying goods made in China." "Wal-Mart is running small stores out of business." "Wal-Mart pays starvation wages." On and on. Liberal politicians join in the rant. Senator Hillary Clinton sat on Wal-Mart's Board of Directors in 1990. Not any more. Last year, self-righteous Hillary returned a Wal-Mart campaign contribution. All of this after President Clinton, in 1992 at Sam…

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Uncertain Times

August 2 2006

I look at my own cornfields. It is a little dry but they still look good. But what will this crop be worth or the next crop? These are uncertain times.

Our farm support program is under relentless attack from the big city press. The Washington Post has called the U.S. Farm Program "scandalously wasteful." The cost of energy has driven up the cost of farm production more than we ever imagined. We don't know where the world trade negotiations will take us. Interest rates continue to add to our…

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