Wish List

June 20 2007

Do you have a wish list? I guess we all have a wish list. When Republicans lost control of the Congress last November, I put together a wish list of legislation that I hoped could be enacted under the neyv Democratic Congressional leadership with Republican George Bush still President.

We are approaching the half-year mark of 2007 and this is a good time to review how that "wish list" stands.

Comprehensive Immigration -- we don't have a comprehensive immigration bill yet…

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June 13 2007

It was disappointing to see the bipartisan immigration bill go down in flames. I know there are two sides to this issue. Republicans are divided as well as some Democrats. I know that some Republicans are against the bill just because Senator Kennedy is for it. I suspect Senator Harry Reid pulled the bill from consideration because he didn't want Presidcnt Bush to get any credit. After all, he claims it is "Bush's bill."

I remember how President Reagan and House Speaker Tip O'Neill used to…

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Farm Flex

June 6 2007

Farm Flex -- do you know what that is? It is a bill before Congress that would give Midwest farmers planting f1exibility that they don't have now.

This is the way it works now under the 2002 farm bill, and you can see why it must be changed. If you plant corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, or cotton, you may be receiving a direct govcrnment payment proportional to your crop base acreage. We all have historical base acreages for the above crops, and the way farm programs work now, base…

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