Labor Day

August 29 2007

Congress is coming backand it would be nice if they would sit down and get something done.Their approval rating is a dismal 18%. As low as President Bush'srating is, it's still almost twice that of our Congress.

Congress can start bycompleting the Corps of Engineers Locks and Dam bill. We have a lotof grain to ship on our inland water system. Next, the Senate needsto concentrate on writing a farm bill now that the House has shownthe way. Also, work needs to be done on the Immigration…

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Vacation in France

August 22 2007

Hello everybody outthere in farm country.

Just back from France.My family and I bicycled in La Loire Valley for a week southwest of Paris. It was beautiful and cool. About 70° -- contrast that with the 90+° here in the U.S.

In talking to a French farmer, I found that they are about as excited about the demand for renewable fuel that has lifted farm prices as we are. We rode along bike paths with wheat fields, grape vineyards, and corn as far as the eye could see. Of course, the wheat…

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Fairness Doctrine

August 15 2007

We have so many sources of information there isn't enough time in the day to listen, read, or hear from everyone. We have radio (AM and FM), television,newspapers, internet sites, blogs, and more. We can listen to or read what we want and tune out what we don't like. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees free speech.

But liberals want to impose a so-called "fairness doctrine" on us. They are whining because we aren't listening to their liberal voices. The public is tuning them…

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August 8 2007

For years, I have advocated normalizing relations with Cuba. I went there with an Ag delegation 4 or 5 years ago. We have tried to get our politicians (both parties) to wake up to reality. Cuba is no threat to us. The 40-year embargo against Cuba is a relic of distant history.

In the meantime, we have fought a war with Viet Nam. And now, we trade, have an Ambassador stationed in Hanoi, and do business with our old enemy. Turn to China, where our doors are open for business, so much so that…

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Farm Bill Process

August 1 2007

Hello everybody out their in farm country. I'm speaking to you today by phone from Sioux City, Iowa.

I want to report to you this week that ADM -my radio sponsor for the last 3 years -will not be sponsoring in the future. I want to thank ADM -- a great ag company -- for supporting our industry. I am in the process of working to get a new sponsor. If you like the John Block Commentary, send me an e-mail..

Now for today' s commentary.

It will be the Senate Ag Committee's turn next to try…

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