Problems To Solve

October 17 2007

Hello everybody out there in farm country. We have fringe groups in this country, also in Europe, that just simply are against any kind of economic growth or any kind of technological development. Among other reasons, this country is the greatest nation in the world by far because we have led the world with innovation and a willingness to solve problems.

Do we really believe we can maintain our global leadership if we continue to duck all the tough issues?

The Greenpeace nuts of the world…

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Trade Agreements

October 10 2007

Hello everybody out there in farm country. The American farmer takes a lot of pride in that we not only provide the safest, most abundant supply of food to our citizens but also, we run a trade surplus in farm exports. We export almost 30% of what we produce. To facilitate export trade, we have entered into a series of bilateral free trade agreements. Up until a few months ago, President Bush had the authority to negotiate trade agreements, bring them to the Congress which could approve them…

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Crazy Times

October 3 2007

Hello everybody outthere in farm country. There are a lot of balls in the air right now.Confusion and uncertainty reign. Will we get a farm bill? Won't weget a farm bill? Secretary Mike Johanns has resigned to run for theSenate in Nebraska. Will Deputy Secretary Chuck Conner, novv ActingSecretary, be the President's choice to fill Johanns's shoes?

A word about SecretaryJohanns -- Mike Johanns did a very good job as Secretary. he traveledthe country talking to and listening to farmers. He fought…

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