Presidential Debates

October 3 2000

I hope you are watching the Presidential debates. George W. Bush versus AI Gore -- head to head. I am surprised that Governor Bush has not spent more time hammering Gore on his cynical acceptance of millions of dollars from the Hollywood elite while they continue to poison the television, movies and music with filthy, trashy programming filled with violence. The intensity of violence makes the old cowboy and Indian shoot outs look like a Sunday picnic.

The Clinton-Gore Administration has…

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Gun Control

August 22 2000

I may sound a little different today, but I'm talking to you by telephone from a ranch in Colorado. There is a touch of fall in the air, crisp and clear. After 4 days of riding horses and shooting guns -- just a little target practice. All of this brings back childhood memories to me -- back to the day when I rode my pony (Spot) to school. Raced behind my dog (Butch) through the timer land as he rushed to tree a squirrel. With my sling shot or single shot 22 rifle, we might be lucky enough to…

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Republican Convention 2000

August 2 2000

One down and one to go. The Republican Party Convention was held in the "City of Brotherly Love" -- Philadelphia. I was there and so were the other food and farm organizations. They were all present and accounted for at the "Great American Farm Breakfast". I'll bet you didn't see that event on t.v. Never mind. It was still big with hundreds of industry leaders with political interests all across the landscape. Farm Bureau and Farmers Union. Sugar growers and sugar processors. No one dared to…

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Down on the Farm

May 9 2000

Down on the farm! What a lift to your spirits! Optimism triumphs over pessimism. A new day with the promise of new life. Spring is here, a new crop is in the ground and growing and with that a promise of better days ahead.

Last week I climbed up on the big tractor and rode back and forth across the field as we finished planting our soybeans. As I drove the country roads the com was up to where it could be rowed. And the soil -- I have never seen it work so well. No clods. No wet spots. You…

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Earth Day 2000

April 11 2000

Earth Day -- farmers celebrate Earth Day every day. Every day we set foot on our land we think about the valuable, life sustaining resources that God gave us. Rich soil, clean water, trees, "amber waves of grain." I was at USDA last week attending a reception in honor of Secretary Glickman, honoring him for serving five years as Secretary of Agriculture. In his remarks, he noted that if he can make two more months, he will surpass my tenure of service. I told him to "Hang in there, Baby." On…


Lunch with Tom Ewing

February 10 2000

I found myself next to Tom Ewing, Congressman on the House Ag Committee from Illinois, at a lunch last week. Congressman Ewing gave us his thoughts on the hot issues of the day and where we may be headed. Since he has announced his retirement plans for next fall, this makes it even easier for him to be very direct and candid. His view: After so much criticism of the Freedom to Farm bill, the Clinton administration presented their Supplemental Income Assurance Program. What a disappointment!…


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