Down on the Farm

October 18, 2004

October 18, 2004

What an exciting weekend!

I trucked corn to our elevator on our farm and watched the golden kernels slide out of the truck, into the auger, and up the leg. We're filling our grain bins to feed our hungry hogs for another year. In the afternoon I was driving the corn combine thrashing 8 rows at a clip. The monitor read 16 percent moisture and 230bu per acre. I have never in my days farming seen anything like it.

The corn stood like trees, straight and thick -- 32,000 plants per acre. I looked out over the field and ask myself -- what did we do different this year? Was the weather that different? Why are we suddenly blessed with such a bountiful crop? We aren't alone. Most of the country is harvesting record crops. God has smiled on us.

In the morning we loaded a trailer of 270 pound, beautiful hogs and they were off to market. With powerful unanticipated demand, hog prices have been good all year. These hogs never smelled better. Hogs and corn that was the work of the day.

The evening was our annual pig roast with more than 200 guests -- business associates, neighbors, friends and families. The bonfires sent flames shouting into the sky while the country band played. The food is always the best. It's hard to beat a whole hog that has spent all day rotating on a spit over a steady fire. And let's not forget that the guests all bring their favorite dish. Our annual hog roast is our way of celebrating the harvest. We have done this for 30 years.

Just junk --

We enjoy unbelievable abundance in this country and it all starts right here, down on the farm -- my farm, your farm, farms from coast to coast. It makes me so happy and so grateful to be a part of this great enterprise.

Don't forget to vote November 2. Until next week, I am John Block down on the farm.