Election 2002

November 11, 2002

November 11, 2002

President Bush has his team on he field. The stunning off year Republican election gain in the House and Senate has everyone out here second-guessing, pointing fingers and contemplating the next two years. If you ever wondered if an election could make a difference, just watch what happens now.

Number 1 The President will now be able to get his Homeland Security bill passed. The bill is sweeping change, bringing together scores of agencies and departments presumably to make it easier to protect our citizens against terrorist attack. My take on this is that it sounds good but I'm not sure how much safer we'll be when it is all said and done. Second, the tax cut passed last year, including the elimination of the death tax has a very good chance of being made permanent. Hallelujah!

Number 3: With Republican Sen. Trent Latt becoming the leader of the Senate, you can expect a big push to confirm more of Pres. Bush's judicial appointments that Sen. Dashal has been blocking. Let's not forget the energy bill. The bill has been tied up in election year politics. With the election over I think both parties will be ready to wrap it up. That's good news for farmers -- good for ethenal -- good for biodiesal. With the broad political mandate that the Pres. Now has, he will be very tough in holding the line on federal spending. Good thing we have our farm bill done. On trade we can expect Pres. Bush to quickly move to do bilateral trade deals and negotiate global trade. I know that many Democrats were disappointed in the election outcome. But I'm sure they aren't as disappointed as Sadam Hussain. His days are numbered.

I know Pres. Bush and the Republicans are happy, but now they will be expected to deliver. No simple task because filibusters can still tie the Senate in knots. It's not going to be a cakewalk.

Until next week, I am John Block from Washington.