A Biden Presidency

October 21, 2020

October 21, 2020

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And now for today’s commentary –

The election is less than 2 weeks away. Current polls have Democratic candidate Biden
in the lead. Rural America delivered the difference in the last election. I think most of us have
been pleased with President Trump’s positions on issues that we care about. But let’s think
about what changes a Biden Presidency would bring.

Trade – Biden is expected to get rid of a lot of the tariffs. Trump has used tariffs to pressure other countries to give the U.S. better access to their markets and in the case of China to stop the theft of our intellectual property. It is debatable how effective the tariff weapon has been. However, I would argue that the phase one deal on ag trade with China seems to be selling a lot of corn, soybeans, beef, pork and chicken. The Chinese agreement is in writing, signed and fully enforceable.

Ag Subsidies - With Coronavirus and the trade war, billions of dollars have been
provided to help the farm and ranch industry through these hard times. But you can expect that
money faucet to be turned off by whoever is elected.
Regulations – President Trump has fought against over regulation. American agriculture
strongly opposes government interference in our private business. Don’t tell us we can’t dig a
ditch or tile a wet spot. If there is oil in the ground “drill baby drill.” We used to be dependent
on the Middle East for oil and gas. Not today. We are a net exporter. There is no debate.
President Biden will want more regulations.

Tax Policy - For farmers and small family businesses the tax position of the Democratic Party is a serious concern. I expect that with our soaring debt, we can justify higher taxes on the rich. But what about the family farms and small businesses? How can family business keep going if the “Death Tax” comes and takes away half of your farm? In 2017 the estate tax law exemption was raised to $11.58 million, but in 2025 it will drop back to $5.8 million. Will a Biden Administration support legislation to keep the exemption where it is today? If the exemption fell back down, according to the American Farm Bureau, 156,000 farms would see the Death Tax steal their business. When a small business owner dies and suddenly the estate has a huge tax bill, often times they have to sell their business to pay the tax. We lose another family business. I would hope our elected politicians appreciate that. The late Yale social scientist, William Sumner called them the “Forgotten Man” “He works, he votes, generally he prays – but he always pays.”

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