Independence Day

July 7, 2022

July 7, 2022

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And now today’s commentary-

This week we celebrated the birth of our nation on July 4 th . 246 years ago, our founders wrote the
Constitution that set the guideposts for us to live by. Our people are not governed by a dictator
like Russia, China, and many other countries. Are we perfect? No! We have inequality, racism,
sexism, and religious conflict. But don’t ignore the progress that we have made. For a long time,
women were not even allowed to vote. Look at them today-running big corporations, serving on
boards of directors. They are on the Supreme Court. We just got our first Black woman Supreme
Court Justice. Barack Obama served as our first Black President of the U.S. In his election he
received the majority of votes from the White state of Iowa.

In 1776 most Black Americans were slaves. I’m not suggesting that we are done, but we have
made enormous progress. We didn’t become the richest most powerful nation in the world by
accident. We have held our democracy together over all these years with all the conflicts and
wars that we have fought. Now we have loud, angry disputes over gun control, abortions, the war
in Ukraine, and climate change. On the positive side our Constitution gives us freedom of
speech. Let the differences of opinion be heard on tv, in the paper and on radio. The dictatorships
of the world restrict their press. I have confidence that we will sort these differences out and
move on to a better day. I want to close with a quote by a former Senator who ran for President
in the 1970s. He lost, but his reputation as a devoted very religious leader lives on. George McGovern, Democrat, S. Dakota –

“It is time to live more with faith and less with fear - with an abiding confidence that can sweep
away the strongest barriers between us and teach us that we truly are brother and sisters.”
Senator McGovern stood out as a leader for social justice and supported U.S. responsibility to
feed the world. God Bless America.

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