Biotechnology & Food

January 25 2000

The uncertainty swirling around biotechnology and genetically engineered products just seems to get more intense. It's hard for me to understand. For decades through plant breeding, we have been able to mix and match different characteristics from different plants. Now by using biotechnology we can do it faster. It's less expensive. What's the big deal? We've already eaten our own weight in genetically engineered foods. We didn't even notice. They've been on the market since 1994. Com,…


Predictions 2000

January 18 2000

I'm glad to be back from Cuba, and I hope it's not too late for my year 2000 predictions. First, I need to score my predictions made last year. I think I was too optimistic. In the face of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, I thought the President would be desperate to do some big things to help improve his legacy. I was just dreaming. I expected meaningful tax relief, a fix for Social Security and Medicare. It could have been the "deal of the decade." But there was no deal. I was right wen I said…

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Cuba and the Trade Embargo

January 3 2000

I am going to Cuba. I have supported trade with Cuba for years. In 1995 after Castro's speech to the United Nations in New York City, I had this to say on my radio commentary. I said, "Watching Castro's speech at the UN last week gave me indigestion." What was even worse was to see the wild and warm reception he got as he addressed a church in New York City.

And yet as little good as I may have to say about Fidel Castro, I am not proud of the U. S. policy of continuing to maintain sanctions…

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