A First Class Pig

October 31 2000

Pick up the newspaper and sometimes a story will jump out at you that you can hardly believe. Just this week the Washington Post reports that a 300 pound pig flew first class from Philadelphia to Seattle. Yes, it's true! Two women signed up to transport the animal. It seems they needed help to get him aboard. A 300 pound pig is a big porker. If he didn't want to fly to Seattle, I think it would be hard to hog tie the belligerent flyer. ~

But fortunately, according to the story, he was…

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Support Domestic Energy Sources

October 24 2000

Oil prices have spiked up again. I'm sure we aren't going to tap the strategic oil reserve for any more oil now. The election will be behind us and there won't be any reason to open it up.

The point that we don't want to miss is that there is a very unique climate out there right now. A climate that is crying out for more of our own energy. Less dependence on foreign oil sources.

It's fine to talk about electric cars, etc. but let's be realistic. This nation nms on oil and coal and to a…

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Biotechnology 2000

October 17 2000

Timing is everything. Federal regulators, for whatever reason, didn't get around to approving Starlink com for human consumption. Now we have a real mess. Kraft recalled millions of taco shells. Safeway had to do the same. Farmers are blaming the seed companies that sold Starelink for not making it clear to them that they had to segregate the grain from other genetically engineered corn variates.

Here's the situation. We are eating genetically engineered corn every day now. It is approved…

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Presidential Debates

October 3 2000

I hope you are watching the Presidential debates. George W. Bush versus AI Gore -- head to head. I am surprised that Governor Bush has not spent more time hammering Gore on his cynical acceptance of millions of dollars from the Hollywood elite while they continue to poison the television, movies and music with filthy, trashy programming filled with violence. The intensity of violence makes the old cowboy and Indian shoot outs look like a Sunday picnic.

The Clinton-Gore Administration has…

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